The settings file is a basic configuration or .ini file which contains a number of sections, followed by a number of key value pairs.


When gspm starts up, it will look in these locations for a file called .gspm. If no file is found, it will simply use the default settings that are programmed into the tool.

On Windows, this is usually located in the value of the environment variable %USERPROFILE%, on Windows 10, this is at


For Mac and Linux users, this is usually the value in your $HOME environment variable, sometimes at


General Section

This section contains a number of basic settings that are used when you create a project using the NEW command.

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Godot Section

When creating a new projects, the settings in this section will control what version of Godot you want to use. Refer to the project configuration documentation for information on what values you can place here.


Tokens Section

You can add replacement tokens in this section of the settings file. Remember that replacement tokens can be use anywhere in your settings file, but are mostly used to control the local setting of the godot engine configuration in your projects.