Tappy Plane Example

As a simple way to show how to use the tool, we have taken the Tappy Plane example project and converted it to use gspm.

Before starting, you should make sure you have installed the tool. You will also need to be familiar with GIT, and make sure that it is installed as well.

Clone The Project

Use git to Clone the project to a directory of your choice.

> git clone https://gitlab.com/godot-stuff/gs-tappy-plane.git

Change To Project Directory

It is usally best to execute commands from within the folder of the project where your configuration file exists. There are alternatives, but those are more advanced.

> cd gs-tappy-plane

Install Project Components

Before you start working on your project you need to install the components of your project. This would include the version of Godot you need and also any additional Assets that you have added to your project configuration.

> gspm install

Edit The Project

You can start the Editor from the command line by using the Edit command. This will run the version of Godot you specified in the project and will open the Editor automatically.

> gspm edit

Run The Project

Sometimes you just want test the project without going into the Editor. This can be done by using the Run command.


You must make sure you Edit the project at least once before trying to Run it. This will ensure that all resources are imported correctly.

> gspm run